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Understanding Your Care...Why and How it Works


What’s Causing My Pain? 

If you’re like most of our patients, you have suffered from years of chronic pain.  This pain stems from long term stress & strain to your musculoskeletal system (which gives you the ability to move).  A degenerative process begins and you end up with chronic pain and disability.  Over the years, your overall health may begin to spiral downwards.


                          Step 1: Stress & strain

                                     Step 2: Loss of stability & function

                                               Step 3: Occasional pain (your "check engine" light comes on) 

                                                        Step 4: Chronic pain & disability   


What Can I Do About My Pain? 

We have all been taught to treat pain. . .usually by masking it with drugs.  "Hey, if we cannot feel it, it is no longer a problem, right?"  Unfortunately, it is still a problem.  And as the problem progresses, we may even turn to drastic measures, such as surgery.

The Wellness @ Work approach is unique in that we do not directly treat pain (by covering it up with drugs or performing surgery).  Instead, our therapy is designed to treat the causes of your pain.  By restoring function (with adjustments & physical therapy) and improving the strength & health of your soft tissues (with soft tissue rehab, exercise & decompression), your body can better handle the stress of your daily activities.  Plus, we can help reduce your risks of long term pain and disability.


Wellness @ Work

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