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We provide services for individuals with a wide range of pain and mobility problems.  Most of these problems are basic, ones that we treat daily, such as repetitive stress associated with on-the-job activities.  Some pain and mobility issues are associated with sport specific activities, such as shin splints or plantar fasciitis, issues that are routinely experienced by runners.

Below is a cross section of common issues experienced by our patients. Their names and certain aspects of their issues have been changed to respect their privacy.  The integrity of the information, however, remains the same.


Maggie - RN

Looking down and lifting patients for 20 years had taken its toll on Maggie. Her head throbbed and it felt like someone was sticking needles in her neck and upper back. The Ibuprofen eventually inflamed her stomach lining and gradually did not work.

Maggie then met Dr. Hennes at one of our community events. It was at that time that she finally decided to treat the cause of her pain, not just the symptoms. After a few months of therapy at Wellness @ Work, Maggie felt like she was twenty again. She felt well enough to stand and walk for a 12-hour hospital shift, exercise and enjoy life on her terms.


Jose - Runner

Sometime after Jose’s 15th marathon, he started to experience pain in his right lower leg and foot.  His doctor diagnosed him with shin splints and plantar fasciitis.  After a few rounds of anti-inflammatory medication, followed by injections (that did not help), he decided to try Wellness @ Work.  After weeks of consistent therapy, Jose's pain stopped.  Currently, he is enrolled in our maintenance program, is pain free and has not missed a single race.


Julie – Office Manager & Mom

Julie is an office manager who sat most of her work day.  She is also the mother of two teenage boys.  Over time, she developed pain in her lower back and shoulders.  What she did not understand, at the time, is that sitting most of the day at her desk is not natural for the body.  Inevitably, muscles and tendons deteriorate.

Julie talked to her provider about the issue and dismissed his recommendation to seek help to treat the cause of her pain, stating that she did not have time with her busy schedule.  Instead, she requested pain medications.  He reluctantly prescribed narcotic pain medications.  This course of treatment, sadly, was the gateway to a serious drug addiction.  Julie was forced to stop taking her pain medications.

As a last resort, Julie decided to try a natural alternative, chiropractic.  Wellness @ Work teamed up with her provider to deliver targeted care based on her issues.

Today, Julie (and her two boys) are thrilled that her treatments and lifestyle changes allowed her to manage her pain and eventually eliminate it altogether.  She also received help for her addiction.


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