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Businesses - Reduce Your Health Care Costs


Like most American companies, yours is burdened with work-related injuries and employee health care costs that have gone through the roof.  Treating a disorder, once it shows up as a symptom, has long been common practice.

Today, this reactive model no longer works as insurance premiums skyrocket and hurt your competitiveness. Furthermore, reactive health care is not well-suited to the success of your business, which plans and executes proactively.

How did we get into this situation? The human body is incredibly durable and built to move freely and vigorously. However, long bouts of repetitive stress on the job and poor lifestyle choices, combined with a reactive health care system, are a blueprint for health care disaster! Instead of focusing on preventive measures and lifestyle changes, expensive and long term interventions such as surgery have come into play. This perpetuates the cycle of care downward and insurance costs upward!

Stop the cycle now. Let Wellness @ Work give your employees proven, cost-effective services that treat the sources of their pain. Help them avoid disability and follow the path to wellness. It’s what we do!  And, to make it easy on your employees, Wellness @ Work can come to your company to provide evaluations. This keeps productivity up and costly time away from work down.

Call now!  Contact Garland Shuff, MEd,  Business Manager, at (316) 684-4888 to discuss how to reduce your health care costs and increase employee productivity and satisfaction!

Wellness @ Work

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