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Intensive Treatment & Maintenance

We often talk to friends in the community about the services of Wellness @ Work and the difference between intensive therapy and maintenance.  

Most people come to us after years of chronic pain.  Therefore, it takes an intensive effort to make changes.  Initially, therapy is intensive in an effort to facilitate repair of weak muscles and surrounding support tissue until it is strong and stable again.  Once that goal is achieved, the muscles and surrounding support tissue are able to tolerate the stress and strains of life.

Maintenance, which may consist of chiropractic adjustments, decompression therapy, stabilization strengthening and soft tissue repair, is essential to maintain what was achieved intensively.  Think about it: there is an investment of time and resources to achieve a pain free state.  It makes sense to periodically maintain that investment so as to not regress to that former state of pain and discomfort.

Wellness @ Work offers a very competitive intensive therapy and maintenance package.   


Wellness @ Work

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